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How does LED works

Unlike standard printed signs, LED Screens can give you the freedom of changing your advertising regularly. You can easily program the display screens via 3G, WiFi or Ethernet cable connections. Depending on location and LED Screen type, you can display Text, Pictures, Animation and even Videos. It is always recommended to inform us how and where you would like to use the LED Screen, so we can help select the most suitable option for you. All LED Screens & LED Trailers will come with their own software that can be installed on your Laptop or Computer. We will provide a quick training to show you how the program works.

There are a few important steps before buying an LED Sign or Trailer: Check if it is allowed to have an LED Screen on your building or land. Make sure that your LED Trailer have a safe location where it doesn't block any footpath or road. If you are planning to display the LED trailer on a Council land, you may need permission from them to do so. We have LED Trailers that are bigger and heavier than an average LED Trailer. It is important to use the right vehicle for towing, as the weight of the large trailers can be around (or over) 1600kg.

When your LED Sign is being displayed:

For trailers: Secure the legs and lock the wheel. Do not have the trailer displayed on a steep surface where it can turn over. Always try to keep it straight and secure. When the LED screen is rotated to position, make sure that it is tightened.

For LED Screens and Trailers: Make sure the brightness of the screen is adjusted for day and night. You will be able to control this using the software.

Hiring Trailers: When hiring a trailer, we look after the delivery and setup. We will setup the screen slides based on your instructions and have everything ready for the hire period.